A practical guide to
milON for educators.

milON is a media-based resource for educators wanting to empower children and youth as sharp media consumers and creators.

Use media to teach about media
Media and Information Literacy (MIL) education is about helping people to understand and interpret what media they are watching, reading, listening to and creating. To be media and information literate is to have the skills to access, search, critically evaluate, use and create media content wisely, both online and offline.

How to do it!

1. Watch & Play

3. Interactive learning

2. Analyze

4. Create & Share

The milON resource

The milON resource uses media to teach Media and Information Literacy skills. It offers a range of ideas and resources for developing media awareness, critical thinking skills, and creativity.

Teach with video

milON offers videos, games and learning activities for teaching media and information skills. The core content is a series of short videos about Mil topics such as independent journalism and freedom of expression, hate speech, algorithms, and safety online.


The milON learning tools are grouped into different topics. Each topic contains; videos; discussion questions; a quiz; learning activities, and a glossary.