Safety online

Safety online

The internet is a useful and powerful tool. But it can also threaten your safety and the safety of others.

Cybercriminals have become experts in tricking people and get us to click on links or open attachments that lead to giving them access to our personal information. Just as you shouldn’t ride in a car without a seatbelt, or ride a skateboard without a helmet and protective gear, you shouldn’t be online without basic safety measures.

Media and Information Literacy Education teaches children and young people about the importance of safeguarding their integrity and privacy online. Through simple steps, they learn how to protect themselves and their devices against privacy violations and cybercrime.



Have you ever been the victim of bullying, harassment or hacking on the internet? In this video, victims of hacking tell their stories. To young people’s social media accounts were taken over by strangers and it still impacting their lives in many ways. An IT expert shares tips and tricks on how you can be safe and make the most of your life online. 

Personal safety

Do you have the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe online, and protect yourself from dis-information and cybercrime? This infographic video gives you the lowdown on how the internet and social media work, and about everybody’s rights and responsibilities in the digital world.