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 All videos are produced by teams in Jordan, Palestine, and Tunisia, featuring young people and media experts from the MENA region.

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Cyber-security – infographic
Do you have the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe online, and protect yourself from disinformation and cybercrime? This infographic video gives you the lowdown on how the internet and social media works, and about everybody’s rights and responsibilities in the digital world.

Critical thinking
We are surrounded by media messages. How does this change the way we see ourselves and the world around us? In this video, media experts as well as young people discuss the impact of media in their own lives and in society at large.

Can you tell the difference between propaganda and objective news and information? In this video a young rapper shares his point of view based on life experiences.

Personal safety
Have you been the victim of bullying or hacking on the internet? In this video, victims of hacking tell their stories. , and an IT expert shares tips and tricks on how you can be safe and make the most of your life online.

Verifying information
Have you been fooled by a news item that turned out to be false? Learn about fact-checking from the pros, explaining how the media works and how objective journalism differs from paid messages and ‘fake news’.

What is hate speech?
Have you been the target of online harassment? Perhaps even been the aggressor, liked or shared a hateful message? It’s easy to get carried away in the fast-paced comment sections. In this video, people debate hate speech and why it’s become so widely spread.

Social media world
It’s important to stop and reflect on your life online now and then. It is a world where we can share our feelings and beliefs, express love and hate, laugh, cry, lie and be honest. It can be fun, interesting and challenging, even exhausting at times!

Algorithms and filter bubbles
Spending time on social media can make you feel like everyone thinks and does the same things as you. This is because internet algorithms are programmed to filter your content. In this video, a social media entrepreneur and a journalist discuss the pros and cons of algorithms and filter bubbles.

Quiz – freedom to hate?
Freedom of speech – the right to express your opinions without censorship, restriction or legal punishment – is a cornerstone of a democratic society. But does that mean that we have the right to say whatever we like? Check out this fun and challenging quiz show. Do you agree with the contestants?

Why I am a journalist
A journalist reflects on the media and on why she chose her profession. She believes that democracy and awareness in society is impossible without independent media are there to reveal truths, keeping an eye on people in power.

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