About milON

About Milon

The milON initiative is a collaborative effort between journalists, filmmakers, coders, educationalists and media trainers in Jordan, Palestine, and Tunisia, with technical and financial support from Sweden.

The aim of milON is to strengthen media awareness and critical thinking skills amongst children and youth. In the MENA region, with its history of state-controlled media and heavy censorship, Media and Information Literacy education is a necessity for democratic development. Young people are especially vulnerable to the disinformation, ‘fake news’, and propaganda that flooded social media today. They need skills to protect themselves and create their own media messages in a wise and responsible way.

Exploring the target group!

Digital resource

The milON digital resource uses media, primarily video, to teach about media. Videos, games and pedagogical tools are available on this website, a gaming app and on YouTube. All resources are free to use and share. Educators can use them in their classrooms and during after-school activities. Children and youth can access videos and game free online. We also invite other MIL initiatives and projects to integrate our videos and games into their curriculums.