Educational game

Educational game

The milON Game is a 12-level quiz game that enhances learners’ skills, knowledge, and awareness as they fact-check news items. The game guides the player to basic MIL (Media and Information Literacy) concepts and terminologies. It will inspire afterthought and discussion, and raise awareness and ability to critically evaluate media and information.

How does it work?
The players pass 12 levels: On each level, they must decide which of two images is “fake”. After each level the player will be given hints, tips, and tricks about fact-checking, ‘fake news’, hate speech, safety online and more.

Above: Teacher’s in Tunis trying out the game milON game.

How to use the game in education
As an educator you can use the milON game in different ways. It takes circa six minutes to play the game straight through. However, if used in an educational setting, you can add time for reflection and discussion. This can take anywhere from ten minutes up to a whole lesson.

  • Let learners play individually, and write down their reflections on what they learned.
  • Use the game as aa starter/ice-breaker at the beginning of class, to catch the learners’ attention. The whole group can follow the game on a big screen and help each other in selecting the correct image.
  • Let learners play in pairs or small groups of 3-4. After each level, they can pause to discuss and learn together before moving on.
  • Arrange a competition! Divide the class or group into two groups and let them play. They pause after each level and discuss what they’ve learned for 2-3 minutes. In the end, 1-2 persons from each group present their findings. The teacher will be the judge of which group has presented the most insightful findings.