Glossary: Hate Speech

Glossary: Hate Speech

Terminology is important. This glossary features the most often used and sometimes misunderstood words, acronyms, and phrases relating to hate speech.

A person who is watching something happening, for example, harassment, but is not taking part or trying to stop it.

For example harassment, threats, that happen online, for example on social media and via messaging.

Hate speech
Speech and expression that degrades a person or persons because of who they are, or who someone thinks they are.

Report abuse
Using a social media service’s online tools or system to report harassment, bullying, threats, and other harmful content that typically violates the service’s terms of service or community standards

Someone who leaves an intentionally annoying message on the internet, in order to get attention or cause trouble.

Troll factory
An organization or number of individuals that come together in order to publish large numbers of posts or messages on the internet that are meant to cause trouble, influence political views, etc.:

Posting or commenting online in a way that is intentionally cruel, offensive, and/ or provocative