Lesson structure

Lesson structure

When you work with MIL in an educational setting, try using this method to get all learners to take an active part.

We suggest a process where you start by watching or playing a game. The move on to analying, learning together through interactive activities and finally, let students create their own media. A sample lesson structure can look like this:

• Give a brief introduction to the topic and lesson objective.

• Watch a video. (You can also start with the video and then sum up the topic)

• Begin individually: Each learner has a few minutes to write down their thoughts, at least three points.

• Get the learners to sit in pairs: each pair discuss and compare their thoughts on the video and its topic and content.

• Discuss the video in small groups or pairs.

• Pair + pair: two pairs share their thoughts with one another. The group jointly selects which three points they want to present to the class.

• Let each group/pair present their conclusions.

• Each group presents their thoughts and ideas to everybody.

• Dig deeper with a practical learning activity, if there is time.

• Finish with summing up, inviting questions and comments.

• Let learners take a topical quiz.